Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We started out our halloween by going out to breakfast at Big Boy. We went to the mall at 3:30 to go trick or treating. It was fun and perfect for Grace. It only takes about an hour and she got about 1/4 bucket of candy. Perfect for her. She was a princess and Jack was a lion. I've tried to put on here but for some reason I can't. I will keep trying.

After the mall we went over to Bernie's aunt and uncles for some pizza. We were having a great time. Gracie was having so much fun with Bernie's cousin Danielle. After a little while we were sitting relaxing watching Winnie the Pooh. All of the sudden Gracie threw up everywhere! All over the couch and carpet. I couldn't beleive it. Bernie's aunt is so nice, she of course said it was no big deal and said that the carpet needed to be cleaned anyways. We cleaned Grace the floor and couch up and went home. She was fine the rest of the night and next day. Not sure what happened...

On another note, Jack is getting big and is 4 months old today! Time flies. He is so happy and is starting to talk. He learned how to blow bubbles this week too. This time change has him a little screwed up. He has been waking up at 5:30 and not going back to sleep until we are on our way to daycare! Not necessary!

Gracie's birthday is on the 27th. She is going to be 2. It makes me want to cry thinking about how big she is getting. She is so smart, she learned how to spell her name this week. We have been teaching her her address. When you ask her where she lives she says, Midland Rd. She hasn't quite figured out the numbers yet. I'm trying to figure out a way to get her bink (pacifier) away from her. SHE LOVES IT! So does Jack so we will have this same problem in a couple years. Gracie's new favorite thing is to watch Barney in her bedroom. She goes in there as soon as she gets home. She loves it. It saved Bernie and I also. A couple weeks ago she started to get scared of her bedroom. We put Barney in there a voila! She's not scared anymore.

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Olson Family said...

They are so cute. You just have to take the bink away. Keep telling her she is a big girl. You can do it. Who am I to say anything though, we took Adis away last month and she is almost 3. It's tough.