Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We started out our halloween by going out to breakfast at Big Boy. We went to the mall at 3:30 to go trick or treating. It was fun and perfect for Grace. It only takes about an hour and she got about 1/4 bucket of candy. Perfect for her. She was a princess and Jack was a lion. I've tried to put on here but for some reason I can't. I will keep trying.

After the mall we went over to Bernie's aunt and uncles for some pizza. We were having a great time. Gracie was having so much fun with Bernie's cousin Danielle. After a little while we were sitting relaxing watching Winnie the Pooh. All of the sudden Gracie threw up everywhere! All over the couch and carpet. I couldn't beleive it. Bernie's aunt is so nice, she of course said it was no big deal and said that the carpet needed to be cleaned anyways. We cleaned Grace the floor and couch up and went home. She was fine the rest of the night and next day. Not sure what happened...

On another note, Jack is getting big and is 4 months old today! Time flies. He is so happy and is starting to talk. He learned how to blow bubbles this week too. This time change has him a little screwed up. He has been waking up at 5:30 and not going back to sleep until we are on our way to daycare! Not necessary!

Gracie's birthday is on the 27th. She is going to be 2. It makes me want to cry thinking about how big she is getting. She is so smart, she learned how to spell her name this week. We have been teaching her her address. When you ask her where she lives she says, Midland Rd. She hasn't quite figured out the numbers yet. I'm trying to figure out a way to get her bink (pacifier) away from her. SHE LOVES IT! So does Jack so we will have this same problem in a couple years. Gracie's new favorite thing is to watch Barney in her bedroom. She goes in there as soon as she gets home. She loves it. It saved Bernie and I also. A couple weeks ago she started to get scared of her bedroom. We put Barney in there a voila! She's not scared anymore.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another hospital visit!

Well we spent Thursday night through Saturday afternoon at the hospital with Jack. I swear that sweet little boy is going to give me a heart attack one of these days! This time we were there for blood in his poop. They tested him for something called Melix (sp?). That is like little polyps on his bowel (I think) which caused the bleeding. That test came back negative so we left the hospital knowing just as much as we knew when we went in!

Now for the long version of the story.....

We got to the hospital after sitting in the doctors office for 2 hours. The amount of blood in his poop concerned his pediatrician. So the nurse that helped us get settled kept calling Jack a girl! Hello, he doesn't look like a girl and she even changed his diaper! Strike 1 for Bay Med. Then they take him to get his IV. We tell them right away to put it in his foot because his veins are hard to find. They got it easily in his foot last time. Did they do that? No. They got it in his arm after about 40 minutes trying to find one! Strike 2! Then they needed to draw blood and again couldn't find a vien, so while listening to his scream they poke his finger and get blood that way. I had just calmed him down when they try to flush out his IV and he started screaming. The IV was bad. Strike 3! So they take him back to the room to take it out and try again. He was in there for about an hour, came back with red little cheeks and bloodshot eyes from crying so hard. They couldn't find a vein so they didn't put one in and decided to let him sleep. Gee thanks! They tried again the next morning because he had to have an IV for the test he was having done. Again, they couldn't find one and said they were calling the anesteologist to see if he could find one, if not we were headed to Saginaw. Well he found one, IN HIS FOOT, so he was good to go with the test. For his test he could not eat for 8 hours because they had to put dye in his little body. He did so great! I was so proud of him! He laid there and slept for all but about 10 minutes of the hour test. When we were done he was ready to eat! They called someone from his floor to come get us, it took them 20 minutes! I was just about ready to go up myself when they came down. At this point he's mad cause he wants food! So the rest of Friday was pretty uneventful. His test was negative but he had more blood in his poop so the pediatrican called the pediatric surgeon in Ann Arbor to see if he wanted him down there to do a scope. He decided he wanted him observed for 24 more hours. Friday afternoon Gracie came to see me and baby Jack. So Friday night I was pretty upset when Bernie got there because I was worried about Jack and I missed Gracie like crazy! The night nurse came in his room about 7:30 pm and said that she wanted to change his tape by his IV so he didn't squirm out of it. Ok no problem. She didn't come in until 11:30! He was sleeping so good, after that he was restless the rest of the night. Strike 4! The next morning the new nurse came in and thought that Jack was a 9 month old with a heart condition! Are you kidding me! Strike 5! Friday night through Saturday morning he didn't have any more blood in his poop so they sent him home. So he's doing good now and still no blood. They said it could of been the antibiotic he was on from his last hospital visit. He is home and happy now. We just need to watch for more blood. If we find some he has to go to ER. And you better believe we will not be going to Bay Med, we will go to Covenant. Our doctor told us to go to Covenant to. Bay Med is done for us. We were not impressed at all!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good idea

My sister had a great idea to one day make this blog into a scrapbook/journal. I think it's a great idea and since I am horrible with keeping up with the kids baby books, I will try to post more often. I will also post more about Bernie and I and not just about our perfect kids! So some of these posts might be more for my benefit than anyone elses.

Well Gracie will be 2 years old next month! The idea of that makes me want to cry. She is my baby! She is so smart and says things everyday that just keep us laughing. She recently started saying shampoo while taking and bath and says shampoop! It is hilarious. She calls Woody from Toy Story, Hodey. Since starting daycare she loves to come home and rub our backs or her babies backs to sleep. She loves to be cuddled for about 10 minutes at night before bed. She always switches between Bernie and I. I think it's the best 10 minutes of the day for both of us. She loves loves loves her daddy, they are pals. She is such a good helper with Jack. Everyday she gets me a diaper and throws the yucky ones away. She gives him his bink or bottle if he's upset. She just loves him. She calls Jack either Jimmy Jack because that's what my dad calls him or Jackaroni because that is what my sister in law calls him. She is really just the sweetest little girl and so smart!

Jack is 3 months old already. He started cereal on Monday and seems to like it so far. Last night he had it about 9:30 right before bed. He liked it but was not to happy because he was hungry and he wasn't getting it fast enough! He slept really good. He's a good sleep anyways, but the cereal made him sleep good for about another hour. He is a sweet baby to. He is a flirt (just like his dad). We are in trouble! He has alot more unique features than Gracie. He has big ears and they stick out and are absolutly adorable. He has very long skinny legs. I don't think they have gotten bigger since he was born. He has such a tiny tiny butt, it's so cute. He last long skinny feet and big hands. He is starting recognize his name. He has scared up by being in the hospital when he was first born and then again a couple weeks ago for a virus.

We got very lucky with our babies, they ar both so sweet and love each other so much. Jack's face lights up when Gracie comes around. They have us wrapped around their little fingers.

Now Bernie and I! Nothing real excited with us. Our life revolves around our children! I think our excitement is going out to dinner this weekend kid free. Yeah!

The best time of the day for us is when the 4 of us are hanging out and having fun. We love our little family.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy life!

Things have definately changed since we had Jack. Having 2 babies is a lot different then 1! It is wonderful though. Jack is growing like a weed! He had his 2 month checkup on Tuesday and is 10.13 lbs and 23.5 inches. He has grown an inch and a half in 3 weeks! He is a sweet baby. He smiles all the time and is starting to coo. He loves Gracie and smiles at everything she does. Gracie is a great hleper too, she loves him! She gets diapers (even when he doesn't need one), she gives him is pacifier if he's fussy and tries giving him his bottle. She's a great big sister. They are in daycare now and Grace loves it! She has a little boyfriend named Matthew. She talks about him all the time! Since she started going to daycare she has learned to sing, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, and the clean up song. She sings them all the time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Jack & Gracie

Jack is home safe and sound! He had a doctors appt. last week and everything looks perfect. He is 8lbs 1oz and 19 1/2 inches long. He is such a good baby. He never cries unless he is hungry, then you know it! He is a good sleeper to, waking up usually only 1 time during the night. Gracie loves him, she is very good with him. We are enjoying our babies, and are very tired but it's wonderful! We are having fun with my stepmom and sisters in town this week from Utah. Gracie is a goofball and is keeping them very entertained!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Look at how sweet baby Jack looks watching his mommy and daddy. This is Heathers sister. Jack is doing better today. They were able to turn his oxygen down to 94% and they are increasing his feedings. Slowly but surely he is getting better and will soon be home with his family. We love you Jack!!

Baby Jack

Baby Jack is finally here. Jack made his arrival via c-section on July 4th, which is special, because he now shares his birthday with his grandpa Kaiser. His cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times. He weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 in. He is gorgeous. He is having a rough start. When he was born he swallowed some muchonium (spelling??). The morning after he was born he was transported to a different hospital due to breathing problems. He has a hole in his lung and is still on 100% oxygen. He is expected to be in the hospital for atleast 7 days. We have not been able to hold him yet, which has been very hard. He is a tough little guy and will be just fine.